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Hi, I am scheduled to take the N10-005 in a week and a half. My main question right now is if anyone has any info on what the new performance based questions are like or are based on?


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    you'll probably only have 3 or 4 of them.
    dont stress on them too much. theyre kinda weird but not too bad.
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    Welcome to the forums ottis138. Performance based questions are new so it's common for people to be a little concerned about them but when you prepare yourself and understand the content, they really aren't that difficult. As olaHalo mentions, they really aren't too bad. CompTIA originally gave the impression that these would be simulation questions but they are often just alternate methods of asking the questions.

    As an example, Objective 3.2 "Categorize standard connector types based on network media" can be tested with a standard multiple choice question such as "Which of the following is a fiber connector?" followed by a list of connectors. As an alternative, you could be required to match connector names with their pictures. This requires you to know the names of the fiber and copper connectors, and also requires you recognize what they look like.

    Simulation questions are difficult and expensive to develop and program but you might still see some. The most obvious choice for a simulation is the command prompt. If you're familiar with the command prompt tools in Objective 4.3 "Given a scenario, use appropriate software tools to troubleshoot connectivity issues" you shouldn't have any problem.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Darril you have put my mind at ease atleast a little bit. I've been using Transcender to prepare and they have decent amount scenarios like you have described.
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