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Hello everyone,

I am an I.T. graduate from Italy and after briefly working as a software developer, have decided I would like to change paths; Therefore, I am looking at doing the Cisco certificate CCNA, however, all the course providers I have found either offer a very intensive course (is it possible to master this trade in just a week?) or a part-time course ie: two days per week for a year, which I would rather not do, as it is too long.

A third option that I have found is a six month course where you are trained in CCNA, MCITP and VMware VCP and they guarantee you employment at the end of the course, however, the price is costly at £7,500.

My questions are:

1. Is the Cisco CCNA enough by itself to secure a job, not necessarily a highly paid job, but at least something to start with.
2. Can anybody advise me on any other way that I can, not only getting the qualification, but also the right training for a good price in London.

Any advise on this matter is welcome and appreciated.



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    Merck1983 wrote: »

    1. Is the Cisco CCNA enough by itself to secure a job, not necessarily a highly paid job, but at least something to start with.

    No, certification alone is not going to secure you a job. This field is all about experience. Certifications will surely help you, but alone they are not going to guarantee employment of any kind.

    I'm not sure about training in London, but I'd suggest you grab some books and start reading on your own. Plenty to be learned!
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    Boot camps are for experienced people looking to go through the exam objectives quickly preparing them for the test. That's not for beginners like us who are looking to study.

    Been there, done that. I know what company you're talking about and I was also considering this option but then I changed my mind, I honestly think it's a waste of money (because I don't have any). I don't know where you got VMWare from but that isn't taught on the course. It's A+, 70-685, CCNA and looks like they've added one exam from Windows 2008 series. They're basically a recruitment agency also selling you certification training for a lot of money (exam costs are not included in the price!). Don't get me wrong, if you can afford then by all means go for it. I would if I had that kind of money to spend only on training. What they "guarantee" you is a helpdesk job, most probably part-time so be careful about the money back guarantee which is full of neat tricks.

    I've already got my A+ (800 series) with the help of a single book and free Professor Messer's videos, totaling cca 500€ and a month of studying. I'm also preparing to take the ICND1 in the beginning of May and I've been studying since 1 March (and I'm a networking noob). Sure beats the hell out of training companies. That's only a fraction of a cost what I would pay with that agency which is about 9000€. It doesn't seem to be worth it. At the end, when you have all those certificates, you're still not guaranteed a job. In fact, you can land the same helpdesk job as they advertise with only A+ and 70-685 without CCNA and whatnot. Doesn't matter the amount of certificates you have, if you have zero experience you're bound to start in HELLDESK. It's unavoidable, resistance is futile.
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    Hi I have done my training from acit. They have good placements, got job through their placement.
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