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Hi guys, new member to the forums here.

I was just after some advice. I am doing a cisco module at school and was after a little help.

I have an assignment to do and it's making me really scratch my head A LOT.

I was wondering if I post the scenario here and what I have done so far, can someone let me know if I am doing it right and if not give me some pointers.

DISCLAIMER: I am not asking for this to be done for me. I will not learn if someone does it for me. I am merely after some pointers.

Also, could you let me know if the scenario is in fact doable.

Thanks everyone



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    I am having to attach them as images as it isn't allowing text files.

    I have put the assignment, the topology and the routers and switches setup in this post. I will put 1 more router setup in the next post as I can only have a max of 5.

    Basically, I am having issues setting up a VLAN as specified for the Finance Server in Chicago. I am following the Cisco Labs and also the Cisco manual but it is confusing me.

    My lecturer just gives us the labs to do and doesn't offer any guidance at all. His response to the assignment was just do it. He doesn't want to help in case he gives us all the answers on how to do the assignment. I have issues with that but whatever. LOL.

    I also had a question regarding the servers I have attached to Cambridge. I have put them all on a loopback as I wasn't sure if this was the best way to simulate it.

    Cambridge router will be in the next post.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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    Here is the Cambridge router output
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    next time i'd post it in ccent/ccna section though
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    Do you think I should do that or just leave it here? I'm just desperate to get some advice. Cheers
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    Why not ask your instructor?
    An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made.
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    Hey networker,

    He has a 'do the labs, read the books, don't ask me and just get on with it' attitude.

    Unhelpful to say the least!
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    Your professor can tell you I'm sure
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    @melissa7779311 - he really does have a 'read the book, don't bother me' attitude. To get any kind of answers I read and re-read the books and do the labs countless times and come on forums and seek advice. I have reported him to the module leader. I am doing a module through university.

    I have managed to figure it out with the help of this forum and lots of reading and re-reading and labs
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