70-680 done!

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Knocked this bad boy out today on my first attempt, which I am pretty happy about. I scored 750, which is less than I would have desired, but a pass is a pass! Labbing is absolutely critical to this exam, for all topics, even the "mundane" ones. Further, Technet is your friend. Don't let Technet intimidate you. The Measureup practice test really helped me look deeper into the topics because their explanations are based purely off of Technet info. I haven't tried Transcender, but Measureup at least directed me to delve into the topics deeper than the books. Labbing and technet alone could probably get you to pass this thing if you put your time into it, but the books definitely help to put a different spin on things, offering real world examples.

If I could do it over, I would first take more frequent breaks while studying. When I studied, I tended to do one of two things: study for several hours straight, or two, go ADD and go all over the map instead of staying focused on one topic, while taking too frequent breaks. Now I'm heading towards the server route, so I am going to focus my study on the exam topics/outline, using CBT Nuggets (blessed to get this free through work), Don Poulton's book on 70-640 along with the Command Guide for Server 2008, and probably the Microsoft self study kit to fill in any gaps and provide some guided labs. If anyone has any other resources they would recommend, I would appreciate that.

I think if I stay focused one going through the exam objectives with multiple sources until I understand the topics a level or two deeper than the practice exams, and study for an hour at a time with a 20 min or so break in between, I think I could shave some study time off. We'll see.


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