What Virtualization books are you reading?

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Wanted to have an idea of what resources/books others are reading. Here's what I'm starting to flip through -

Amazon.com: Storage Implementation in vSphere 5.0 (VMware Press) (9780321799937): Mostafa Khalil: Books
Amazon.com: Managing and Optimizing VMware vSphere Deployments (9780321820471): Sean Crookston, Harley Stagner: Books

I've been through the Clustering Deepdive a couple of times and the Mastering vSphere 5 book a number of times. I've had the vSphere 4 Design book for over a year, but havent cracked it open yet. Might as well wait for some of you guys to chime in with reviews of the second edition of this book and read that instead.

Non-VMware stuff I have to read yet is material on SCVMM 2012, this thing is up and coming I tell ya. Hyper-v/System Center 2012 are going to give VMware a pretty serious run for their money.

So what virtualization material are you reading?
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    Almost done reading the vCD section of vSphere Design 2nd edition. Nice to have a single resource talk about the differences between vCD 1.5 vs 5.1. Also helped me better understand vCD design concepts which were fuzzy. There are some errors in the book. Noticed few figures mis-labeled, typos within figures etc.

    Other resource are pdfs from VMware. Not too many books deal with vCloud ecosphere.
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