CCNP Switch Questions

TBickleTBickle Member Posts: 110
Has anyone tried the Cisco CCNP Switch Rack Rental? The one for $75 dollars for 25 hours? Would you recommend it?

Also, has anyone doen Chris Bryant's Udemy CCNP course?



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    To be honest I used the same materials for BCMSN and SWITCH... 2 x 3550-EMI switches and 2 x 3725 Routers. These devices, as well as a few extra pieces eventually became part of my CCIE Lab. With that being said, $75 for 25hrs isn't too horrible but I prefer hands on gear.

    The SWITCH Foundation Learning Guide is more than enough to pass the exam, as long as you have enough hands on experience that is.
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    For studies, I watch the videos all the time while doing the same thing on my own equipment. However, I've made so many mistakes because of hands-on issues. I'd rather make those simple mistakes now as compared to being on the job while others are looking...icon_wink.gif

    The price of some 3550's/2950's and a few cheapo routers shouldn't be much more than $150.

    I just bought a 3550 for $15 on Ebay... and it's POE for my voice labs!

    If you do the virtual labs, let us know how it goes... I believe there's a free one out that several people have been talking about in the certification forums.

    Good Luck!

    Your friend in Virginia,
  • TBickleTBickle Member Posts: 110
    Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

    I have two 3550s, and two 2950s, but wanted to buy the Cisco rack rental so i can lab while I'm at work.

    If i buy, I'll definitely let the community know my thoughts on it.
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    there are a handful of people on CLN who have used the Cisco $25 75 hour labs and i haven't heard any horror stories about it.
    Also, it seems the consensus is 3560 switches are preferred for CCNP SWITCH studies and beyond however, I have 2 3550 switches and 2 2950 switches and have been able to accomplish 90% of the SWITCH lab manual.

    What some of your thoughts?
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