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I am currently using INE's free CCNA:Voice streaming bootcamp and the presenter moves awfully slow and doesn't seem to have a lesson plan. He just seems to go around in circles at times. Has anyone used INE or IPExperts or anything else for video training? Give me your review and recommendations. Any kind of input would be appreciated. I think my work and is leaning towards IPExpert just because that is what our Cisco reps know.


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    I think you'll find all the video trainers have their little quirks. :D

    If you can keep going with INE, all the core content is there. But yes, the presenter does go off on a tangent at times which was very frustrating, and if you follow it through to CVOICE you'll soon get tired of the word "cannonical".

    I've used IPExpert for CCNA:Voice and Security, and found it very dry with few demos....death by PowerPoint comes to mind....

    CBT Nuggets is very engaging and animated, but skims over some areas. But then most do, after all there is only so much they can do in a video series.
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    I have seen some of the CBTNuggets that I thought were very good, but there are currently 2 guys here that want to start on their CCIE: Voice studies and want a training partner that would be able to go that far.
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    Hello Swild,

    I have used CCNP Voice videos from INE since last year, CVOICE was my longest course and I failed it the first go around. I will admit Mark Snow does go over alot (powerpoint & live demos), much of it very practical and not 'exam' oriented in my opinion. However many of the solutions can be determined through process of elimination and understanding the basic concepts and foundations of Cisco VoIP. I did also purchase books from Cisco Press and visited the SRND when I was still sketchy on topics. Now that I have a better understand of technology, terminology, and where to find resources I feel like studying has become more efficient.

    I am pretty new to the Voice world (1yr exp), I was thrown into the fire after an employee left the company and since began going at it little by little. I have purchased some Cisco equipment to supplement some of the technology and will begin pursuing the CCIE Voice track with INE's workbooks and LABs.

    Hope this provides other additional insight!
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