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Hello Everyone,

would like to know if anybody has used online rack rentals ? from which site you recommend ?

there are few who offer 4hr, 6hr sessions... multipe sessions can be bought between 250 to 300 dollars.

do u guys recommend this ?


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    Generally I think it's better then buying your own boxes. Some time ago I've used INE and I was happy with how it worked.
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    There are pros and cons to using rental racks. I have used INE, Presidential training and CCIE4u. All have good access and support. Since I am using Micronics training material. This follows the Cisco 360 program. My cabling requirements were different than INE labs. This took longer to do some of the labs because of this.

    Presidential Training is my favorit . $10 for 4 hours. They only have racks cabled for 360. Great support and their rental hours match my needs. I had a problem with a rack once, called support, they immediately gave me a new rack and 2 extra hours and a free 4 hour session.

    CCIE4U was where I started. $8 for 4 hours. Ian's racks are cabled for IPexpert and INE. So I had to redo my labs to make them work. I have never had an issue with CCIE4U's equipment and they are very responsive to my requests.

    I started by using rack rental from CCIE4U and then decided to buy my own lab. There are 3 main reasons that I bought my own lab. One, scheduling time was a hassle. I had to think out 2-3 weeks to schedule lab time. This was hard due to my wife health issues. Two, copying my unfinished lab configs. It was a hassle to stop a lab early to copy the configs for the next session. I felt like I was wasting some of my time. Third, stopping during the middle of a thought. There were a lot of times that I had to stop near the end of a lab knowing that 15-30 minutes longer and I would be at a better place to stop or done.

    From my prospective owning your own lab hardware makes it a lot easier to study when I need to. Beside the normal lab hardware I installed power-line to connect my Digi and 2 APC power strips to my external firewall. I can login and run a lab every time. Lunch time is spent in a conference room going over lab material or commands.

    My lab hardware cost about $2500. The average person does between 800 and 1000 hrs of lab prep. I could have saved a little money renting from **** or CCIE4U, but the flexibility I have makes it worth a few more dollars.

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    There are pros and cons to using rental racks. I have used INE, Presidential training and CCIE4u. All have good access and support.

    The same with me but I have tried only the two. I have use the INE and Presidential training, both of them delivers good services but I prefer to choose the Presidential training. It has deliver the most convenient and comfortable services.
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    There are so many sites which provides racks on rental. You can search them on Google.
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