Need some guidance on experience.

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So I'm studying for the MCITP/MCSA, but I don't really work in a role that has a lot to do with some of the subject matter in the training (DNS, Certificates, Groups, ADFS, etc.) I mainly work with AD and that is the limit of my hands on. Other than labbing up like a mad man as much as possible, what would you guys recomend for more hands on.

Doing a lab on say DNS with the Self Paced kit, and then follow up with reading the unleashed R2 book, and TechNet, what could I do for more hands on?

Thanks to all who respond in advance!


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    Lab lab lab. MS has free labs you can do here: Windows Server

    Keep in mind those are open labs, meaning you can do whatever you want. So what i do is follow the book and other lab steps to do whatever I want in the above labs.

    I would do the labs over and over again. That will be your only experience since you aren't doing it day in and day out. I've also found it useful to just get in there and mess with stuff. Go through multiple tasks daily like backing up a server, doing a zone transfer, etc. It will inevitably happen where you will be quiz'ed on one thing even though you didn't lab in it. That's why it is important to just get in there and mess around daily, get comfortable with it. I can specifically think of four questions on my last 70-642 exam that were no where in the reading, but i knew because i had just messed with the server and found little settings that you wouldn't have known otherwise.
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    cyclekingcycleking Member Posts: 26 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Some good info guys, thanks!

    I'm currently trying to position myself within my company, (I'm a contractor for a fairly large telecommunications provider), to move into a junior system administrator position and take advantage of the knowledge of my colleagues.

    I really appreciate the responses, I can always rely on TE for guidance.
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