CIPT2 tomorrow

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A little nervous for this one. Been studying about a month. I've got Globalization, CAC, AAR, Device/Extension Mobility down pat. I'll admit to not putting much time into CCD/SAF though, just read the chapters in the Cisco Press book a couple times and watched the INE series. I've NEVER seen this in a production environment and Shodown posted that it's planning to be replaced so I didn't want to spend hours and hours on it. The only thing I really did in the lab was configuring transformation/translation patterns for localization with single \+! RP just to see that in action. Many of the other topics I've setup in production.

Hopefully I can squeak by with at least a 720. CCNP Voice will be downhill from here if I do.


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    Good luck tomorrow!

    How much to say without breaking the NDA....although it maybe not developed further or phased out, when they wrote the v8 blueprint SAF/CCD was a big feature item, don't skim it too much.
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    good luck aaron,

    understanding the globalization was a big deal to me. my org doesn't use this method so I had to get out of my workplaces 'design' and really fpcused on hammering that concept down. I felt some material just built on what you already know from previous exams just incorporated into new CIPT2 topics.
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    Passed with 832/1000. Not my best score but I'll take it. 'Implementing Call Control Discovery and Cisco Inter Company Media Exchange' was my lowest scored section at 47%... so not spending much time studying those topics definitely showed.

    What are people using for TVOICE besides the Quick Ref Guide and INE Videos?
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    I'll post my TVOICE study materials after the exam, my mind is elsewhere right now....4hrs to go...
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    For TVOICE I'm using Kevin Wallaces TVOICE videos and Mark Snow's INE TVOICE videos. Alot of it is review from earlier demos going through CVOICE/CIPT1&2 but the RTMT, T/S methodology, traces/debugs are good material they've been going over.

    These have been my only two study references combined with any additional resources I already own (Cisco Press / INE Videos)
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