How Soon After Passing CCNP Voice Can You Take CCIE Voice Written?

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Assuming you are studyingicon_study.gif 6hrs/ day, 5 days a week, using the INE program or any other reputable Voice IE training program?

I always see plans for IE voice Lab, but not plans for IE written.

How Soon After Passing CCNP Voice Can You (be prepared to) Take CCIE Voice Written?

I'm trying to build my study plan. Need some input y'all :D

Thanks a bunch!
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    When I took my CCIE, I never studied for the written.. only the lab. By the time I felt ready for the lab, I took the written then scheduled my lab for 30 days later. My recommendation is not to treat becoming a CCIE as two separate tasks: learning theory, then getting good at config. Treat it as one, then when you're ready for the lab, you'll be able to take the written in your sleep.

    I know that doesn't answer your question, technically you can take the CCIE written the same day as your last CCNP exam (if you scheduled it that way). The writtens usually aren't any more difficult than a CCNP, they just cover a wider array of topics. So it depends on whether or not you just covered the bare minimum to get to the CCNP level.
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    Powmia... i was just talking about this to coworkers earlier today! I'm a test away from my CCNP-V and they asked if I was going to to take the IE Written soon. I said no I'll wait until I think im ready for the lab, then take the written. If I can't pass the written with flying colors a month or two before even thinking about scheduling the lab then I will not consider myself ready for it.

    Just my 2c
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    If you have UCCX experience than I'd say you can take the Voice written within a month of finishing the v8.0 CCNP Voice track. The gap isn't as large with Unity Connection/Express and Presence being apart of the NP now.
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