Things I learned today:

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First and perhaps, the most important, never try to cram for a test that has such a diverse subject matter in 3 days. Second before going to sit a test, if you take allergy medicine, make sure it is non-drowsy. In response to another forum on here, I can say with almost certainty that each question on the Sec+ exam does indeed count as 8 points (being that's how much I failed the test by). Finally never second guess your answers at the end of a test unless you are POSITVE that your answer is wrong. I did that with three or four answers and it probably cost me the test.
In all honesty though, regardless of the 4 questions, I admittedly wasn't prepared for the test, though it's still a tough way to fail the test.
Oh and that ends my streak of never having failed a test (my streak stands at about 15). Oh well back to studying.


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    Best of Luck for next time. Don't lose hope. I recommend MS Press, Syngress and good old faithful (Tcat :D ) This exam requires you to know a vast area in Security but you sounded like you were so close that I do not forsee any reason you won't pass this one. Just give yourself plenty of study time and a good range of different study materials to get the big picture with Security +.

    If you don't know 24 then you don't know Jack!
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    jd_mattosjd_mattos Member Posts: 134
    That sucks!
    You don't want to take medicine that makes you drowsy before a exam, especially a CompTIA exam (they can be boring)
    I would say NEVER change your answer. Always trust your first instinct. I have never marked a question and changed any. That is why it did no bother me on the CCNA test that you cannot go back to answered questions.
    Only missing by 1 question is hard. But you will pass for sure the next time you take it, especially if you don't have medicine head.
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