Failed Exchange 2007 exam twice (70-236) and now got to sit Exchange 2010 exam.....

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Hi Guys,

I'm a long time reader of this forum so I'd like to say thanks for all the great info it provides.

I need some support please!!

I sat the Exchange 2007 twice last year and failed them with a pretty poor score (500ish points), i've never failed a MS exam twice in a row before and i'm starting to feel a bit defeated and low on confidence.

I've now got to sit my Exchange 2010 exam and I keep putting it off because i'm so nervous of failing again, has any one else experienced a loss of confidence like this? How do you snap out of it?



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    Just gotta do it, man. You're either gonna pass or you're not. Is there any particular reason you're going for this certification?
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    I failed an exam twice before, the 293, it was a tough exam to pass! The best thing to do, is to review the exam results page that details your weak areas and improve on those. Technet has lots of articles on all major topics so you'll definitely be able to find some answers. I also encourage everyone to lab as much as possible. If you're covering a topic you're not 100% sure about, try it out in the lab, it always helps me out!
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    I only wanted to add that reading the TechNet blogs written by the Microsoft developer teams, as well as revelant TechNet wiki's, is also beneficial to learning a product area.

    I expect to be transitioning my training to emphasize messaging via Exchange 2010 later this year.
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