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A question regarding Hyper-V. Lets say I have two virtual machines running on a host. I run both virtual machines in fullscreen. Is there any way I can quickly and swiftly change between the two guest machines and the host, by using a keyboard shortcut for example, or is there no such keyboard shortcut?
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    BloogenBloogen Member Posts: 180 ■■■□□□□□□□
    The limitations of the Hyper-V console on a personal test lab environment are one of the reasons I went back to VMware Workstation.

    One potential method to achieve what you are mentioning is to go to the Hyper-V Management Console, right click on the host server name and go to Hyper-V Settings. On the Keyboard tab, choose "Use on the physical computer". This means keyboard shortcuts such as Alt+Tab in your case are run on the physical machine even when in full screen.

    Of course this has the limitation of not being able to use the keyboard shortcuts in the VM...
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    KrunchiKrunchi Member Posts: 237
    Hyper-V Shortcuts I think this is what your looking for.
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    Dracula28Dracula28 Member Posts: 232
    Well, I tried to press ctrl+alt+left arrow to release the mouse/keyboard from the guest, and have it back on the host, and then press alt+tab to switch between the different guests, but that did not pan out too well, as I lost picture on one of the guests. And the only way I was able to get it back was to reset the guest.

    I guess I will just have to learn to live with minimizing and restoring the different guest windows.
    Current certs: MCP (210) MCSA (270, 290, 291 and 680) MCTS (680, 640)
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    sratakhinsratakhin Member Posts: 818
    You could use RDP instead of the Hyper-V console.
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    cruwlcruwl Member Posts: 341 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Or just run the consoles in a smaller resolution? I can fit 2 or 3 consoles on my screen and its not that hard to move between them
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