Not eligible for LPIC1 after Linux+

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Hello everyone,

Last week I passed LX0-102 with 730 points and acquired the Comptia Linux+ certificate icon_cheers.gif. Unfortunately, none of my results have shown in my LPI.org profile regardless of how many times I have submitted and confirmed my "demographic" details with Comptia. Since I'm targeting LPIC2, I need the LPIC1 more than any other cert :). I've been sent back and forward between Comptia and LPI customer service claiming different things and in the end of the day I'm stuck hoping that both parties will eventually sync their records.

My question is to those of you, who went through this process: How long did you wait for LPIC1 after you acquired Linux+?

I'll update this thread if I hear anything from Comptia or LPI.

Thank you.


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    hoelschera wrote: »
    3 to 4 weeks.

    The dhrama was solved today with the assistance of LPI.org. My e-mail address was misspelled and the credentials were actually sent to a different address?! Anyway, if you don't see your results in your LPI.org profile in a week, I recommend you to follow up with both parties, as they seem to sync their records on a daily basis.

    Good luck to all of you. It's time for LPIC2 icon_twisted.gif
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    varelgvarelg Banned Posts: 790
    Congrats on your success and good luck with lpic-2! Just curious, why choosing lpic-2 and not RHCSA?
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    Don't forget to get your The Novell Certified Linux Administrator certification from Novell! For Free! If you have LPIC 1!!!!

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    Out of curiosity is the LPIC cert respected among employers? How does it stack up against Redhat certifications?
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    I just took a new job, left a Solaris System Admin job for a RH one. I am now require to get Linux+. I will, but its not in the same league as Red Hat certs by any means. Linux+ is still the multiple choice type test, where RH is performance based and live.
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    From what I understand, LPIC / Linux+ (somewhat) is big in Europe where as RH certs are bigger in the States. Still the LPIC2&3 are impressive and odd. They are the only certs I know of that don't have any reading material for them. They must figure there are enough *nix books on the market already!

    Congrats on the pass OP!
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    Congrats on the pass icon_cheers.gif
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