Need Help deciding which version to take

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Hi guys,

I was studying Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your Pc by (Jean Andrews 701-702) 5 months ago, but last month my friend gave me the book by Mike Meyers (All in one 801-802)

I've heard that the 800 version is harder than 700 and my biggest fear is if i fail, i don't have money to retake it again. (money is my issue)

So my question is, will the Mike Meyers book covers in 701-702 ? or I should go back to Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC book?

I really want to pass at first try! If i happen to fail, i will likely not to be able to take it again until a few more months.

My main question is the Mike Meyers book is a good resource for 701-702 or the Guide to Managing?

Thanks in advance!!!


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    I would go for 801/802 just because the 701/702 is being phased out. It covers more recent material and might be easier since it covers more mobile device knowledge which you probably already know about and less hardware which is now legacy things. Depends on your background though.
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    PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    Mike Meyers book is a terrific resource and has well over a decade of tweaking since its first edition was published.

    As far as which exam to take? IMO it doesn't matter that much to stress over it. If you can go over the objectives and you understand the content take take the one you are most ready for. Ex. If you have been preparing for the past several months with the objectives from the 700 series schedule that exam series, take it, pass and be done. If you are just starting out, but your materials are geared toward the 700, get the objectives for the 800 series and get yourself ready. Any topic that is newly added to the 800 series can easily be researched and you should be ready in little time.
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