Taking on the 417 tomorrow...

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So my first upgrade exam.. This is going to be interesting..

Anyone taking/taken this exam on? any thoughts without breaking NDA :)

I might be jumping ahead a bit but I wanted to know who ever has taken this exam what path did you take next or if you're planning which do you intend to take? I am not sure whether to go with the MCSE: Private Cloud or MCSE: Server Infrastructure...


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    I am taking it next week so I'm studying right along with you.

    I recently took the 649 and thought it was a rough exam. They really hammer home the new technologies in the upgrade tests so don't expect a whole lot of stuff on past tests you may have taken. I've also heard over and over again that they're really pushing PowerShell so try to know common commands I guess. There are so many that it is proving hard to me. We don't really use PowerShell here and there isn't a lot of desire to change that as far as I've discovered.

    When I past the 417 I intend to lay off of server for awhile and try to learn some applications. Really I want to dig into VMware but Exchange and SharePoint are more helpful for my current role so that's where I am being encouraged to focus. It's not the end of the world, almost everybody runs those apps and I will benefit from understanding them!
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    I took and passed 417 a few weeks ago. It was not as hard as 649 but nothing take for granted either. I am working on 413 now and I had thought of taking a break and doing the SQL 2012 upgrades, I am glad I did not though, 413 is more in-depth of what was in 417, IPAM and Direct Access, and I am only 1/5 way through the book, I don't want to forget too much from before.
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