Correct upgrade path from comtia A+ to Mcse

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I'm a fan of this forum and decided to make a post of my own.
I only have A+ certification and would like to get MCSA and eventually MCSE as it would open many doors and of course increase in Salary.
I have a few years of PC repairs ,Help desk etc.
I am thinking of skipping the other Comptia certs (network etc.)and go straight for MCSA starting with MCSA: Windows 7 and then MCSA server 2008 and finally do the MCSE.
Is this a good path since I have no server experience like administering Active directory etc.?
It seems like it will be hard but hard work has it's rewards.
Thanks for any replies.


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    PCSPrestonPCSPreston Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 127

    I would recommend either a Desktop Exam(MCTS 680 ) or the WIndows 8 test to better familiar yourself with Server technologies. I think that will better suit you in the server certs later. Thats just my opinion though. :) I'm currently taking my Windows Server 2012 410 exam after getting my windows 7 and much more hands on and its help me.
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    nosoup4unosoup4u Member Posts: 365
    PCS that's good advice.

    I see this a lot on this site, why would you become certified in something you've never done? The 70-64x's are desigend for people with at least a year of hands on experience but often I think it's aimed at much more. I'm having trouble with the exams even with 5 years experience of sys admin.

    Not saying you shouldn't look to advance yourself or your skills, just be aware of the challenge ahead, and try to get your self some real world experience professionally or labbing to see if it's something you want to devote your time and money to.
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    fabiogfabiog Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks both of you for your input.
    I agree with both comments and I think I will look into doing the 70-680 exam first and then see how it goes from there.
    will also try some labbing too on the server sections 2003 ,2008 to get me familiar with it as I know it will be hard
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    PCSPrestonPCSPreston Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 127
    Microsoft tests are tricky and its better to know the Desktop OS first and then move to server.
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