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when upgrading 2008 to 2012, why do we have to run adprep and domainprep? In basic terms, what do these two do and what is their purpose?

I read somewhere that when upgrading to server 2012 both adrep and domainrep are not needed as server 2012 does this automatically, is this true?

Also, if i upgrade from a 2008 to server 2012, any files on the server 2008 hard drive will they still be present once 2012 has been installed?



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    Answer 1

    Running Adprep.exe

    Adprep.exe has parameters that perform a variety of operations that help prepare an existing Active Directory environment for a domain controller that runs a later version of Windows Server. Not all versions of Adprep.exe perform the same operations, but generally the different types of operations that Adprep.exe can perform include the following:

    • Updating the Active Directory schema
    • Updating security descriptors
    • Modifying access control lists (ACLs) on Active Directory objects and on files in the SYSVOL shared folder
    • Creating new objects, as needed
    • Creating new containers, as needed

    You can check which schema version you have by running the following command
    dsquery * cn=schema,cn=configuration,dc=contoso,dc=com -scope base -attr objectVersion
    Server2012s schema version is 56

    Answer 2

    Yes that is true. But you can update manually if you want to
    Manual Schema Upgrade for Windows Server 2012 - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki

    Answer 3

    I have never performed such an in-place upgrade, so I do not know.
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