Would Network+ be a good choice for me instead of CCENT

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I have been in the IT field since about 1999, I started with Nortel Telecom programming and worked as a Telecom tech mostly for about 9 years or so, then I worked at a help desk which I did some Telecom Programming and other help desk stuff. I have also had a couple of years in a Data Center Monitoring and testing web applications on a basic level. I really like the whole Voice, Network Tech/NOC atmosphere basically. I dont have any certifications at all but I have a feeling that getting the Network + would really be a nice little start because it will give me basic networking skills that would help get Network/NOC Tech or maybe even some telecom tech jobs too because it gives you cross the board network skills that would validate a lot of my skills. Just wanted to get thoughts or advice on this. I originally was going to get the CCENT but I feel this would be a good foundation for Cisco certs and would be something that could get me in the types of job atmospheres I want. I know a lot of people say just go straight for CCNA and all that but I have a feeling this would be a big help along the way and would probably help me get into a number of different atmospheres.


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    Well, the Network+ deals more with how PCs use the network, while the CCENT/CCNA deal with the routers and switches that govern the network. The Network+ is easier, and some do go after that before they target the CCENT. It's up to you. A CCNA is much more likely to land you a job dealing with routers/switches, but a slower approach has its charms. :)
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    Thanks NetworkVeteran, I'm thinking about how its a good foundation and then when I get CCNA it would make me even more marketable for a variety of different jobs I guess. A friend of mine went that route and got Network+, then he just took the CCNA composite after that and did real good on the test. I wonder if you can use Packet Tracer for Network+ too.
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    From the practice tests I've seen, the Network+ doesn't cover any material, where Packet Tracer would particularly help. It can be a stepping stone. Todd Lammle, one of the most respected CCNA authors, advocates that.
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    ok, yea I have used Toods Book in the past when I was studying for the Older Cisco stuff.
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    I found have recently found the CCNA material easier since I did the N+
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    yea I have heard a lot of people say that Network+ helped with CCNA material. I'm still trying to decide, I have all this CCENT stuff including the Boson exam max test. I'll figure it out.
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    Network+ helped me a lot in learning networking theory, fundamentals, ports, and protocols. It really helped lay a solid foundation of networking knowledge before I moved into the Cisco CCENT/CCNA path I'm currently working towards. I would recommend it!! icon_thumright.gif
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    I say read the Network+ book, skip the exam and the then start studying for the CCNA. It's cheaper and has a better ROI.
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    Maybe I can just go through the professor messor videos on Network+ on his website and then roll right into CCENT stuff after that.
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    No, I wouldn't rely on just videos.

    Go with your initial plan & cover the full Network+ material before heading onto ICND1. Trust me, you will be more than glad you did.
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    CompTIA builds vendor-neutral certifications so you won't learn so much about specific commands.
    I recommend reading Todd's Network+ book as a refresher and then go for the CCNA.

    I was thinking about doing the CCENT after my Network+, but I was recommmended to go for the CCNA instead, as CCENT is from my understanding similar objectives, but you get to learn commands on top of that specific to Cisco equipment.

    If you read the Network+ book you will probably find it a lot easier once you go for the CCNA as there are a lot of stuff you will already know such as ports, basic subnetting, VLAN concept and so on.

    Cisco Packet Tracer is also a great tool you can use to set up your little virtual network in your environment.
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    Thanks so much everyone, I have Packet Tracer. My gut feeling is saying take some time and study the Network + stuff and get the subnetting down good and just go for the single CCNA test but I know there is a lot of stuff on it. I have taken about 4 CCNA classes in the past and all but I will have to see how it goes. I would love to take just one test but you really have to have it together before you do the CCNA.
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    I believe that doing the Network + before the CCENT can be a good thing. It really helps with the fundamentals of networking concepts. I'm using Todd Lammles book to prepare for the CCENT it has done a great job in helping me learn the concepts and commands.

    I know the price of Network+ is $225(early expire voucher) but at the end of the day it's just money, and you will always make it and spend it. Anything that will make your resume look better is worth more than a few extra bucks, plus you'll make it back in no time.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks so much, yea something is telling me to go ahead and get the Network+. The Todd Lammle book is real good for that I think and one of his books comes with a simulator too. If I go that route I may just go straight for the CCNA using his book for that too. I hope to be making good money by then anyway. I have a couple of friends who have Network+ and they are doing pretty good. One has a NOC job and the other is a a network tech working on CCNA.
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    No, no, no!

    Watch the free INE.com CCNA videos and see if you master that material quickly. If you do then just go CCENT.
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    I actually took a quick look at the INE videos a while back, a friend of mine used those with a good simulator and practice test and passed CCNA but at the time I was trying to see if they would be good for CCENT but it seemed like they left a bunch of stuff out so I decided to stick with CBT nuggets but that sounds like a good idea too.
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    @beach5563 - I just started a CBT Nuggets subscription too. The INE videos are good for explaining STP, VLAN's etc, but as you said they do leave out some of the more basic stuff.
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    Yea I like CBT nuggets a lot
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    N+ will help very little, the CCNA is entry level and the coursework is structured as such.

    I am working on my ccnet right now and honestly it helps to have an idea going in but I don't think its a major factor.

    I don't know how other people feel about their N+ but to me its not very powerful. Almost no one I talk in tech fields consider comptia to mean anything--maybe thats just the people i know though
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    I found CCENT/CCNA material to be reasonably easy. I'd recommend starting off with CCENT and if you get too lost, take a look at N+.
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    That is exactly what I did when I struggled with the CCENT and I'm finding the CCENT a lot easier now
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    I think many have already said this, but I think it has a lot to do with where you think you stand as far as overall knowledge goes. The N+ lays a good foundation for any future network related certs. With that said, if you have multiple years of experience the N+ may not do much for you and I would start with something else. If you find that you are having difficulty understanding some basic networking principles as you study for another cert, I would stop and go back to the N+ to either take it or to simply use an N+ book to get up to date on some of the principles and concepts where you are lacking.

    Another way of looking at it, as has been mentioned, is that one more cert on your resume is only a good thing, so if you think you know most of what is covered in the N+ already, it will just take a lot less time to get it, while picking up anything you are weak with, and then you can move on from there. These decisions can be tough to make but it comes down to where you think you are and what your personal goals are, so only you can make the decision in the end.
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    I agree with Royal Tech. I had zero networking knowledge and attempted to do the CCNA and it killed me.
    If money is an issue I'd say read a couple of N+ books and skip the test.
    The N10-005 is also a lot more upto date and slightly harder than the older versions so it may be worth getting the new ones
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    Exactly. At your level of experience, if you can't pass network+ in your sleep then you're in the wrong profession :)

    CCNA or bust, go for it! I don't know any telco/network techs with Network+, it seems to only comes up in server guys resumes :p
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    I personally suggest the N+ before CCENT. I just took a look at the new CCENT objectives, most of the N+ is in about 1 or 2 chapters.
    If you are already familiar with alot of the terms and networking talk, go ahead and start CCENT. if not, study the Network+ first.
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    Thanks so much everyone, I actually have been talking to recruiters, former co workers and VOIP engineers and everyone is saying just get back on the Cisco track basically. It seems to be the foundation for everything I want to do, R&S, Voice, Wireless, Data Center etc. So I will just go through the Network+ material first and then jump back into CCENT stuff since I have so much material on CCENT alread also I would rather pay the $150 for a Cisco test than $261 for Network+, and man I will tell you my finances are real tight right now so every cent counts. Thanks guys. Looks like I will finally get a Cisco cert done after taking so many classes on it.icon_cool.gif
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