why is mounting NFS such a pain?!?

uberwebguruuberwebguru Member Posts: 29 ■□□□□□□□□□
Just getting ready for the few days left to dismantle the RHCSA exam and i am just so annoyed with the objective with mounting NFS filesystem on client machine. I mean can this thing be consistent for a second? One second it works after trying and trying and trying fixing different things here and there and another second it doesn't work

Most errors is "no route to host", "access denied by server" , "NFS version not supported"

I mean can this thing be LOGICAL for once. I have successfully mounted the thing and then i try to do same thing again and it stops working

Does anyone else know what i am talking about? If you think it's just me then i beg you to do a search for NFS mount problem and see the several results


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