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Finally passed my Security+ exam yesterday afternoon.
My score was 808 out of 900.

I felt I was running a bit out of time after question 65, so started to rush a bit, but ended up with having three minutes left.
Was a bit afraid I'd hit questions in the end where I would use a lot of time.
Might also be because I'm not a native English speaker / reader so I read questions multiple times.

I did the Network+ two months ago so I was not really suppose to start studying for the Security+ up till now, but while on holiday it was just to difficult to leave Darril's book in my bag, so it came a long and got to enjoy a numerous of coffees as well:D

I studied for about a month.

Read Darril's book once (did the assessment exam first), all the chapter test as I read on and in the end I did the practice exam.
Watched all the Professor Messer's Security+ videoes after I read the book as a good refresher, you get to pick up some details here.

The night before I read the acronym list and In the morning before the exam I read all the "Remember this" boxes.

As a study technique I recommend reading the chapters and do the chapter test the next day or at least on a different day. Once you enter the test center start out with writing down all the ports you have been practicing.

CompTIA exams are pretty pricey and is not something I'd like to fail.

Darril's book is definitely the holy Security+ bible and is not just another book on the shelf, but probably a resource I will open up many times in a real job while writing documentation in terms of policies or BIA and so on.

Next up Linux!icon_study.gif
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