A Couple of Tips

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Hi all i'm in my last three days of study for the CVOICE exam, and my head is spinning, especially around CUBE and QOS! anyway here are a couple of tips from my study over the last few weeks.

Everybody else probably knows about this one but I found it amazing:

while studying MGCP, SIP and H.323 thought it would be good to do some Wireshark captures and follow the packets to get a good understanding of the call flows. Anyway, I was capturing and then, from the corner of my eye spotted a TELEPHONY tab in Wireshark - I've never noticed it before! This stuff is dynamite; show graphical representations of voip call flows, analyse RTP streams, replay the audio from a selected call - wow. So glad I found this, really useful when changing dial-peer properties, cidecs, call setup mode etc and seeing the results.

This one is a bit more simple: I have a 45 minute train journey to and from work every day. I like to run up a router or two in GNS3 and practice commands to while away the journey - so I was doing things like configuring dial-peers and translation rules and the using the 'test voice-translation rule' and 'show dialplan number' commands. Problem with the last one is that if your pots dial peers do not show as 'up' (which they won't as it's GNS3) the dialplan won't consider them. I found that if you give them a trunkgroup assignment, in lieu of the port assignment, they will come up and you can view the dialplan. Just a little one, hope it helps somebody.

Anyway, I must go back to getting my head fully round CUBE, it's my only sticking point at the moment; not conceptually, just remembering the myriad of configurations that you could use.

Enough procrastination!

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