CentOS 6.2 setup questions

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Ok so I'm currently studying Linux+ material for my own enjoyment. I have an old desktop box that's going unused. It is located in my study(router is in living room).

My goal is to install centos 6.2 onto that box and install vnc server and plug it into my router via Ethernet connection and access it remotely from my study and just run it as a headless box.

I installed centos 6.2 basic server option and its purely command line. Is there a way to install the GUI or setup the machine in the study over wifi?

Once setup I can move the box to where the router is located plug in the Ethernet cable then access it remotely.

Can this be done or will I have to just move the monitor,keyboard, mouse to the router to complete the initial setup then move it back once complete and vnc has been setup?

Any information would be much appreciated. I've only been using Linux a couple of weeks so I'm fairly new to Linux as a desktop or a server OS.


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    Firstly how much Ram do you have in the machine from experience I think if you have less than a gig it doesn't install a GUI.

    Secondly when you install Cantos boot the live environment first then do a install this should install a GUI

    If you are currently running a minimal install and want to add the gui

    How to add Gnome to a CentOS 6 minimal install | jbmurphy.com

    Hope this helps anymore questions happy to help
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    You remote administrate a Linux box via vnc if you have a graphical interface installed you first setup up the vnc server on the centos box

    How to install VNC server on CentOS 6 | Lazy Geek -:)

    Once that has been installed if you want to remotely access the Linux box from a Windows Client then you install vnc viewer on the Windows box and connect to your server.

    Ensure that the vnc service is running on the Linux box and that relevant ports / firewall config is setup correctly on both machines. Usually if you get a connection refused it's more then likely a issue with the firewall blocking access.

    The other way of remote accessing a Linux box is SSH this is what I prefer it allows you to connect to the server via a terminal window as opposed to the gui allowing you to log in and do what you gotta do in the Bash prompt :)

    CentOS SSH Installation And Configuration

    Once you have the SSH service running on the server side of things install putty on the Windows Box


    Run a ifconfig on the linux box find out i.p address of your Linux box

    Fire up putty in Windows and type in the I.P address of your Linux box to connect it will ask you for your credentials.

    If you cannot connect then either the SSH service isn't running, ensure port 22 is open check your firewalls.

    This is the basics of remote administration you can take SSH further and learn how to secure it better i.e changing the port number it runs on adding ssh keys.


    Hope this helps
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    .....and once you got Gnome installed you should be able to start a remote desktop session.
    It might take a little tweaking, as you 'll need to enable X11 forwarding on your SSH Client, you will also need to install some variety of X11 server , such as XQuartz for Mac, or Cygwin/Xming for Windows.

    My setup is a little buggy, but seems to be a lot more responsive than VNC.

    This guide might help some:

    Connecting to Remote Linux Desktop via SSH with X11 Forwarding | Forrest Sheng Bao's Cyberhome
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    BryzeyBryzey Member Posts: 260
    Thanks to both of you. I appreciate it!

    I have this bookmarked and just waiting for a day when I can give it a crack

    I will try out both methods.
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