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So I just figured out that Dell does not (I think) own Check Point, and therefore there is another line of certifications out there. Apprently Dell owns SonicWall which has the CSSA and CSSP compared to the Check Point CCSA and CCSE (technically the CSSP could be confused with the CCSP from Cisco...)

Anyway, anyone have experience with any and/or all of these? I'll admit I am not a fan of the CCSA/E program because there is limited training material for it (There are a few books, but i'm not reading a book from 07 or even 11 to pass an exam in 2013.) Their official material appears to be DRM heavy, Not an issue normally except I have no idea if I can only read it on my PC or can I put it on my Kindle, or IPod... I don't know because I don't know what format it is in.

I like what I can see of the Dell program, it looks like a free online program. if you attend the Global Knowledge courses, you can receive appliances I assume to be on the level of the exam. Thats a promotion I haven't seen elsewhere from any vendor.

I'd also be interested in how people view these in comparison to the Cisco Security and Juniper Security certs/courses.


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    Moved to the Check Point forum to increase the likelihood of responses. A better thread title would help with the same.

    And you are correct in that CP is not owned by Dell:
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    Did not know CP was from Israel....

    Edit: 1 year renewal for CCSA/E?!?!!??!? Think I'll just stick with my Cisco/Juniper plans
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    I work with Check Point products. Yeah, the naming scheme can be confusing :p My training experience with Check Point was less than stellar. I was taking classes for CCSA or CCSE though.
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    CheckPoint holds some serious value if you want to get into InfoSec and work on a technical level in the industry.

    Overall Cisco still comes up as the most requested cert for networking roles in general and will always have a better overall value on the lower levels, but also a lot of upkeep.

    Dell/SonicWall bogus basically if you work for a SMB installing products into other small biz's maybe if required, but the price of the class and the tests are simple stupid. The appliance is all that works out for it so you turn around and sell it and get about 25% off the classes price. Grant it if you want the easiest and fastest networking/security they claim, technology cert then they would be the way to go with online exam's and 3 try's included.

    My friend had his paid for through work and in boredom I took the exam while he did online and never touched SW or went to the class and was able to answer more then him either way its a simple simple test.

    Checkpoint is going to line you up directly in firewall's, logging, monitoring, SOC type roles and have little competition as not many have the time to learn it and rather confusing with all their licensing models just now coming together into the Blades and GAiA. certs are cheap and easy to maintain with an online training course for 200$

    Cisco will at least not lock you into any specific role area where CKP is a security only company, and cisco would be the way to go unless you know you want to do security specifically, even then cisco has more name value to general and lower level recruiters and it wouldn't be till engineer and architect levels would your checkpoint really outshine cisco in specific markets and verticals.
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