CCNP before job or not?

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I'm studying for CCNA at the moment, hopefully I can be passed by june. I'm finding it really interesting, not too difficult but a lot of info to take in obviously.

I'm not working in networking at the moment, I'm wanting to get into it though. As soon as I pass my CCNA I am going to start looking for jobs. But obviously because I have a CCNA does not guarantee a job and I am going to be working hard to get one.

I have read on here that it is maybe not a good idea to gain CCNP without a networking job as it raises questions about why all the certs and no job. I live in the country and there are not a lot of Networking jobs around so it will take longer.

But do you think that I should start the journey to gain CCNP? Is this worth doing and will it help in job seeking? Not in displaying it on my CV but in having good knowledge. I'm just trying to be realistic and planning my year. Thinking about Security+ too, which I may do after CCNA.




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    I don't see why you can't get an entry level networking job when you pass your CCNA. As long as you show that you are dedicated to your studies and bettering yourself I am sure a company will be willing to give you a shot. I got my first networking engineering job a month after passing my CCNA, and I was already into my CCNP studies which impressed my new employer even more. So in my opinion keep going and get your CCNP.
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    My main reason is that I live in a part of the world that is more interested in farming than anything else, there are 1 or 2 places though, but the nearest big city is 100 miles away.

    I applied for a job back in Dec, went to the interview and realised my lack of knowledge which lead me down the route of certs, he actually said to me to go away and practice online then go back to him, so that is my 1st plan when complete CCNA. If I can finish my CCNA by June/July then hopefully he will be impressed that I didn N+ and CCNA since Dec.

    Yeah think I will carry on and study CCNP then, It's all knowledge at the end of the day that im gaining I guess!
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    You may have to relocate to an area with more jobs. Yes it will be hard to leave behind family/friends but you don't want all your hard work studying to go to waste.
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    I would believe that it should be a non-issue, as I'm considering that you'd find work before you got your 'NP.

    If you haven't read Network Warrior, or the Network Administrator's Survival Guide, or something similar, then my advice is to get through those two, and understand what's in those, as it'll go a long way to helping you out on your first position.

    They're relatively low cost, and if you can only get one of the two, then just get the Network Warrior. There is an updated 2nd edition, that includes coverage for Nexus, that introduces you to that platform, also.

    My personal opinion is that reading Network Warrior and adding that on top of your CCNA knowledge would be more useful to a fresh CCNA as far as performing on the job, versus getting the 'NP.

    I guess my stance is that credentials can only get you so far. You still have to perform the task. Also, you seem to have some insight with an employer who may want to see you again, so that appears to be a viable option already.

    Hope this helps.
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    Agreed with what most said, after obtaining your CCNA you should be able to gain employment. Furthermore, after working with equipment, it should be much easier to grasp and of course apply the knowledge you'll learn for the CCNP. Lastly, having a CCNP without experience may not be beneficial as I'd think someone with a professional level certification would have experience with the technology.
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    instant000 wrote: »
    My personal opinion is that reading Network Warrior and adding that on top of your CCNA knowledge would be more useful to a fresh CCNA as far as performing on the job, versus getting the 'NP.
    +1. I'd focus more on having a solid understanding at the entry-level than gaining a certification you don't have the experience to back-up. The CCNA will likely impress him. Know it well. I'd also follow-through on his request to practice (online). If he's the only show in town and he's still looking for someone with experience, moving may be your best option.
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    Good point @instant000, after passing CCNA I read through Network Warrior. Great read
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    If you can find a job after CCNA, then join. And complete your CCNP while working.
    You will get work ex. + certification. 2 way advantage. :)
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    You dont have to tell your prospective employer that you have a CCNP when you apply, if you're concerned about that.
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