ITIL v2 to ITIL 2011

smotensmoten Member Posts: 33 ■■■□□□□□□□
Hi, Is it worth talking the ITIL 2011 exam for the individuals who already have ITIL v2, keeping in mind that I have completed three days official training and what is the validity of ITIL v2 certification?


  • Claire AgutterClaire Agutter Member Posts: 772 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Hi Smoten

    Your V2 certificate is still valid, but it isn't the most current version of ITIL. If you were listing it on your CV, you would need to put Foundation (V2) to be clear about what you were certified in.

    I would recommend that you take the latest version as ITIL has changed quite significantly since then. If you already have ITIL experience you can use a book to study instead of taking a training course, so that plus your exam fee is a good investment in keeping your skills up to date. You can of course take online or classroom training as well if you wish.

    My company also offers an introduction to ITIL 2011 on, so you can always take a look there if you don't wish to take another exam.

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