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I am the administrator of a small IT shop and would like to get some recommendations for training in Microsoft. I am very familiar with the quality of a lot of the CBT material on the cisco side, but honestly I have never done any microsoft training.

The individual who will be doing it would prefer some manner of class type program even if remote, but I am wondering who has the best MS material? Not costing an arm and a leg is a bonus, honestly I will pay more if it is worth it. Also any favorite reference books. My intention is to get this guy MCSA'D.

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    I like the TrainSignal CBT courses. Online IT Training | TrainSignal
    They recently switched to an online subscription that gives you access to all their courses for $50 a month. This includes Transcender practice exams (which I have found very helpful in my exam prep).

    CBT nuggets CBT IT Training Videos Online, Certification and Education | CBT Nuggets are also doing an online subscription - access to their IT courses, Transcender and selfttest practice exams. $100 a month
    Not personally tried it yet but am planning to give it a go for a month shortly.

    In terms of reading material, I have been doing well just using the MS Press books, supplemented with Technet.
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