Recommended certification pathway to network administration

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Hello all! I'm looking for some direction in networking. I've been speaking with my teacher, who isn't exactly the brightest when it comes to IT as she doesn't even have anything other than her A+, and a mechanical engineering degree. From the perspective of an actual IT networking professional what path should I go? At this time I've got my A+, and I've just passed my Net+, I've also got a couple of misc certifications PC pro, and Network Pro from So my question is where should I go next? I've got the software at the moment for Security+, and CCNA, so I was planning on Security+>CCNA>MCITP/MSCA. My teacher seems to be recommending Server+>Security+>CCNA. When I'm done with this course our school counts 30 credit hours towards an associates in network management, which is where I plan to go after this class. So again as a network professional, which would be the better path as a beginner in the field?


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    I'd go with the security+, CCNA and see where that goes. Server+ isn't going to give you much ROI for your $261.00
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    Where you are at I would suggest going for the CCNA. I think most people look at the CCNA as a mid-level certification, some even consider it a professional one. That would be a good one.

    I would personally skip server + unless you plan on doing break fix for Lenovo or some other provider who requires that cert. Security + is solid but my advice is to hurry up and get the CCNA.
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    I agree with the guys above. Get a good base in networking (CCNA) and then start on the Microsoft certs. Also, after finishing your CCNA, take a look at Linux certs. They are just as many network admin jobs looking for linux experience as they are Microsoft. Good luck.

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    CCENT/CCNA> Sec+. Skip microsoft stuff.
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    Although she might not know IT, I wouldn't blow off an ME degree icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Your instructor is actually right in that the Server+ comes after the Network+ and is before the Security+.

    However, the Server+ is more relevant to a Server Administrator's role. Usually a Server admin will turn Network Admin with tenure. I would also toss my hat in on Linux+ rather than the Server+.

    If the school is paying for the certification, I would take the Linux+ and Secrurity+. If you really want to get in a Network Admin's role, it's probably best buy a CCNA Lab Rack and a perform a video demonstrates your skill set in administrating the routers and switches.
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    lsud00d wrote: »
    Although she might not know IT, I wouldn't blow off an ME degree icon_rolleyes.gif

    I've seen my share of not so bright MEs when I was a ME. My alma mater actually made it easier to graduate with an engineering degree by lowering the credit requirements.
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    I would do your security+. It could be done in a couple of weeks if you are fresh off of N+ knowledge. It really rounds your understanding of IT.
    Look for and ask for student vouchers at your school. It can drastically reduce your cost. Also, most schools have a fundamental IT Sec course that can be waived by taking this test. Im almost 30 days in and plan on testing next week. I also havent taken my N+ in two years. It might be quicker for you.

    Then do you CCNA. Duh
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    I think you should avoid CompTIA certs altogether, except for the A+ which you have. The other ones are just a waste of money. You could go the Cisco route, but Linux is probably the best way to go since it is so widely used. Take some LPIC's.
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    I think CCNA is a total must, regardless of the order in which you choose to pursue your certs.
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    my opinion is to drop the server+ exam, its not needed anymore. Especially if you plan on going the network route,then just stick to cisco certifications.
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    I think CCNA is a total must, regardless of the order in which you choose to pursue your certs.

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    I guess it just depends on what type of "Network Admin" job you are talking about. M$ certs aren't needed unless the Network Admin job is a System Admin/Network Engineer type job.

    Add my vote for Sec+ and CCNA if it is a Network Engineering role.

    Sec+, CCNA, MCSA if it is a jack of all trades Admin role.
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