Another Sec+ Pass

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Hey guys!

Hope anyone finds this useful. I passed the exam today quite easily although it was harder then expected.

I took the CompTIA self-paced e-learning course, which was well designed, narrow to the point. It was defintely useful for objectives like disaster recovery, attack types, policies, tools etc. Generally, for the higher level stuff. I did not find that useful the more technical stuff though.

Then I bought and read Review Guide by James M. Stewart, because of great experience with Lammle's CCNA Review Guide. It is very good book as well, I'd definitely recommend it.

What's the conclusion? If you have similar background as I do (studying network at university, actively interested in security) then I would say buy the review guide to see what is expected from you, what's the terminilogy and so on; review what you know and zero in on what you don't know (googling..). That should suffice.

And about the performance based questions: these are not really performance based, it is mostly just selecting from drop-down menus and putting things into a right order.

Have fun and keep it up :)

Note: next up is probably SSCP (as i finally gained firts year of experience, hehe) icon_study.gif


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