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last year I had a network fundamentals class that would prepare you for the net+ exam. Due to work and the travel that it involved I never got around to taking the exam. Now that ill have some time i would like to take it but would definitely have to relearn/study the material. I would like to know what you guys recommend as study material or guides?


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    I recommend to purchase the Exam Cram N10-005. It's around $25, and provides all the material you need to know for the exam. Try reading the book once, and highlighting the key points as you go along through the book. The read it a second time, following your highlights and any other notes you made along the way. That should be a good refresher. Also, print off a copy of the N+ latest objects and follow it closely, it will help you.

    When you are ready for the exam, you can look to purchase a voucher from getcertifiedforless. I bought the quick expire(30days) and it was $40 usd less than the full price. They also provide you with a nice 100 question practice test, although it's not the same, it will make you see where you stand.

    Finally expect Simulation based questions on the exam. When I went to take it, I forgot this would be included. Although it seems confusing at first, think it through and you will find that it comes back to you. Don't rush, I believe it's more than enough time(90mins) to complete and re-check your answers.

    Good luck -Jacob
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    Todd Lammle's is also an excellent resource to use as it is mentioned often in reference to study guides.
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