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my college assignment stated 9 subnets off a / 24 address........why is it better to make 16 /28 subnets and waste 7...... instead of making 8 /27 and splitting 1 further to create 2 /28 subnets

16 /28....waste 7 subnets
7 /27 and 2 /28 this possible

is the flaw in this problem that i must make a further 8 /28 addresses instead of 2 to make up the total value of the bits i borrowed


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    Is there a certain number of hosts required for each of the 9 subnets you need? Or is all you have to do is subnet it into 9 subnets? Doing it into 16 equal /28 subnets would use up all of the address space without wasting any. But if you need exactly 9 subnets, what you described in using VLSM also uses up all the space.

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    You're right from a real world perspective, but exams or test questions that don't specify VLSM as a requirement are generally looking for your answer to use evenly sized subnets.
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    thanks for certain number of just wants 9 subnets...... that's the way i had my addresses structured but i was told this was i should have just made 16 /28 subnets and used 9 out of the 16.....that's what i meant by wasting the 7 extra subnets.....why make 7 extra subnets when you can just make you reckon i should always use conventional subnetting in college or tests ....unless it says use vlsm... lost a good few points from my assignment over it.......crazy ay
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    Iono If This Is The Right Forum Or Thread To Ask This Question But I'ma Ask Anyways And Hope Someone Would Please Help Me Out.....

    There's A Network Address Of and needs to support 515 users on each subnet... Calculate

    1. Host bits & Network bits
    2. Subnet Mask
    3. Generate Network Id Up to the 5th term....
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    KillBady, what do you think the answers are, and why? That would help us clear up your misconceptions.

    If you don't know how to do subnetting, check out this thread--
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