MCDST ?s Vs. A+ ?s

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Hey all, first off, thanks for the advice on here, it definately helped me on both 271 and 272. I passed both these(one this week and one 2 weeks ago).
Anyways, I am going to take the A+ exams in the next couple question for those of you who have taken both (preferably recently): How is the structure of the questions different. I found that the MCDST questions focused alot on scenario based problems as if you were in the situation. Are the A+ questions the same way or are they more straight forward like 1 sentence for the question and 4 answers as solutions, or are they scenario based also? Thanks for any help you provide.


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    Comptia exams will be somewhat similar to M$. You may see a few questions with one line, then 4 answers. I would expect to see more lengthy questions, some with upto 6 answers to choose from.
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