Need help with A+ voucher that I purchased from my college's book store

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Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me. I purchased two A+ certification vouchers from my college on the first of the year (1-2013) and today I went to the Pearson vue web site to schedule my first test but the site says that my voucher is not valid. I don't understand this because the two vouchers that I have are suppose to be good. I don't think they expired in this short of time. The vouchers came on two 3x5 cards and they only say A+ CERTIFICATION VOUCHER on the top of the cards and the serial number is on the bottom of the cards, by the way the serial numbers are the same on both cards. Has anyone purchased these type of vouchers from school and if so can you please tell me how to use it.


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    When choosing the exam you need, make sure you select the exams starting with a jk0 prefix. These are comptia's student exams. It is the same cert, but registers as student with that prefix. You will be rewarded the same certification.

    for example:

    CompTIA Academic/E2C A+ Certification Exam

    CompTIA Academic/E2C A+ Certification Exam

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    CompTIA Linux+
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