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Hi Team

i'm preparing my self for the exam
Need your feedback about this book

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Many thanks


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    What would you like to know? Which exam are you preparing for?

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    Preparing Itil foundation , the exam sure it will be EX0-117


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    ITIL CSI is one of the five ITIL core volumes. To study for the ITIL Foundation exam, you would be better with a Foundation guide that is specifically tailored towards the Foundation syllabus. You can find these on Amazon, just make sure they are an official licensed product aligned with the 2011 version of ITIL - not ITIL version 3.

    I've written one that has been fully licensed, and the Sybex book by Liz Gallacher and Helen Morris has also been highly recommended on these boards.

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    i've been in trouble when i've been in a center exam.
    well the most issue was , what is the Itil F (2011 syllabus ) code exam ;
    By searching on internt found this article : What's the difference between EXO101 and EXO117 exams? Is the course material very different? | LinkedIn

    Let's see the response below to understand better:

    EXO-101 - ITIL Foundation V3 (Syllabus 2007)
    - Syllabus 2007 means whole subjects and topics from 2007 to 2011 (also the subjets before that period of time too are already included), than it's the old exam. I'm not sure how long time will be possible to apply for it, but I supposed it's gonna be for a while. Exin usually update their exam once a year.

    EXO-117 - ITIL Foundation (Syllabus 2011)
    - Syllabus 2011 means the newest subjects also topics from 2011 to nowadays, but it doesn't mean you aren't able to apply for both of them, because the main chapters are the same, actually EXIN just change a little it, also the data base of the exam is increase a lit bit more with some new questions.

    Anyway the both Exams (EXO-101 & EXO-117) are valid.

    Just Let you to know I looked at Prometric Oficial Website and for me to apply in Portuguese- Brazil the old exam EXO-101 still available.

    Good Luck with your exam!


    Fagner Scheibel

    So the code exam that i need isit the EX0-117 ?

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    Can some one advice about the code exam plz
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