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Hey what's up i just signed up i have been checking out techexams for awhile now.I live in Manhattan i was wondering if any one in this area Knew a company or had any connections.I recently graduated from a technical school, and i obtained my CCNA certification it was hard work took me eight month's since i actully studied the technology and didn't **** like some people do.
After i finished the school they put me on an internship i'm currently interning at a company named ASI System Integration,but the thing is i'm not dealing with anything networking related they basically have me shadowing guy's dealing with the basic hardware of a computer you know replacing hard drives configuring printers, and all that other A+ king of stuff.I went on dice applied for a few NOC jobs since people say that's the route i should go i got two calls but haven't heard from them again so i'm guessing someone with experience got the jobicon_sad.gif.My question to the veterans on here that know the field well is where do i go from here? what do i do? I really need some help my dad is a CCIE he works for verizon but he doesn't live with me and could care less about me he ignores my calls and texts i'm 22 years old i'm just trying to get my foot in the door so i can start studying for my CCNP exam and then take my CCIE.Even after i'm done and this company i'm interning for does hire me having experience with the core hardware of a computer wont help me get hired for a job dealing with cisco routers which i love so much i use GNS3 and i use packet tracer to keep up my skills when i was in school i used to work on the real racks i configured all of them every protocol and even did vlans on the 3550 switches we had sigh.I am extremely good just cant seem to catch a break i have been so depressed someone anyone please give me some advice before i commit suicideicon_sad.gif


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    get a grip and some perspective. you're not in Podunk, South Dakota - you're in NYC ... fire out your resume to company career portals. off the top of my head I know Promedia in NJ is hiring, Presidio/BlueWater, CDW, CSC in NYC is hiring. These are Cisco Gold Partners and they provide great experience and will hire a Jr. Network Engineer. Also, build up a linkedin network and reach out to the Recruiters at companies you find interesting. They are under a lot of pressure to fill slots. With determination and some luck you'll get hired. you will find a good job, just don't quit trying before something pans out.
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    I am extremely good just cant seem to catch a break i have been so depressed someone anyone please give me some advice before i commit suicideicon_sad.gif

    PM me your phone number and I'll get you some help
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    Someone delete this thread. Thanks in advance. icon_thumright.gif
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