MCSA Win Server exam 2012

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Hello, I'm an inspiring Network Admin. I have a few Cisco Certs (NA and NP) and other non Cisco skills, but realized that most positions are requiring some for of Micro knowledge..not just routing switching etc...

would the MSCA cert (Sever 2012) be a good start..I have decent knowledge of Microsoft, so i'm not fully a beginner.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Dunno why you'd want to go the MS way, if you already have the NP I reckon you should work towards the IE. If anything else, I'd work on a virtualization cert. Or maybe even Linux. Combine NP cert and knowledge with the VCP/RHCSA/RHCE and your worth gold.

    If you do want to go the server direction, then yes the MCSA: Server 2012 is a good start. Pick up a book and see how you go. TechNet is your best bet in terms of resources and ensure you lab up as you go.
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    Hey , your the second person ( first person was a co-worder ; really smart dude.) to mention virtualization..

    I was gonna get the MSCA because it was so damn common...not a good reason to get any cert, but yea..I actually have taken up an interest in Virtualization ( more than server stuff)....logically your words , and his,make sense..I really appreciate your input..I will go forth and obtain a VCP cert.

    and its funny you brought up Linux, I'm actually in the process of fiddling with the Linux command-line...quite fun actually...
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    Yeah, check out the Virtualization forum area for great info on where to do the required training from. Good luck with whatever you do!
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