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Saw this over on INE's site as I was catching up from being on vacation for a bit. The performance evaluation limits it to 50Mb and while it is a bit of a hog on resources, I was able to get it to run with 2 CPUs and 2GB of RAM. With some more finagling it could probably be tweaked a bit more. The implications of having a fully supportable and production worthy Cisco router that you can play with in VMware is pretty awesome. Sure GNS3/Dynamips/Dynagen still has it's place, but from a study perspective could be pretty cool to have around. It's IOS XE and is supposed to be modeled after the ASR1000, but the commands are basically the same. Looks like it has great study/lab/configuration checking potentials. You get it for 60 days and you don't need to have a specific level of Cisco account to download, but you do need an account. Should go well into my nested lab on my laptop.

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