9L0-412 Info

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I have browsed a little on this forum, mostly for Microsoft Certs and my company has tasked me with studying and taking the ACSP 10.8 for our ACN - my question is, aside from the Peachpit book, and I have found an awesome iPhone app by Amsys for 10.8 ACSP, what would you guys recommend for training.

I have completed the ACA: 10.8 as of today with a 93.33%, and am anxious about driving 3 hours and spending 150 on the ACSP test. Out of people who have taken it, has anyone used the Amsys app, or any other practice tests, are they similar? What kind of questions are on this exam so I can prepare? I am almost complete with the book, but aside form using the content rubric provided to check comprehension, what else would be recommended?

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