Help with use of old server

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I'm getting another PowerEdge R200, I've got 1 already, with new one that I'm getting (will come within 2-3 weeks) I'm going to use it as an ESXi host. For the old one, I don't know what I'm use it for. (most likely a game server or a san for the ESXi host)

The PowerEdge that I'm currently using has a Dual-core Xeon 3.00GHz with 4GB ECC ram 80gb HDD for OS and 500GB SAS drive for storage. (It will most likely be a san server)

The New one will have a Quad-core Xeon with 8GB ECC ram. (ESXi Host)

I might change my mind, someone suggest something for me?

I've got a Dell Optiplex 745, using it as VPN, WEB server also as backup AD, DNS. (Pentium D 3.00GHz with 4GB ram and an 80GB HDD)

Image of my network. (Old image)


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