IT Magazines anyone?

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Anyone get any monthly magazines of the latest gadget or IT Trends? I want to be more active in learning about new products or anything IT related and wants to get like a monthly magazine subscription. Maybe some tech websites anyone uses on a regular? Any input would be appreciated, I'm sure there are a few people that would like to know as well. icon_study.gif


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    Try Web Apps, Web Technology Trends, Social Networking and Social Media – ReadWrite . Probably no need for one with a subscription. There is everything on the Internet and it is updated on a daily basis :D
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    Very True lol Thanks
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    Daily Rotation gives a nice overview to various tech related stories. It is updated usually a couple of times a day. DAILY ROTATION . I also use the Zite app on my Ipad and select categories I am interested in and have them display them daily.
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    I don't subscribe to magazines anymore except Maximum PC which I am not sure why I kept a subscription for so long since I no longer fit the demographic they write for now a days. "Super Intel CPU SMASHES records, water cooling extreme!!11, Apple suxors!1". I also realized I think the neon light computer cases are lame looking. So I am not renewing, it ended up as a bathroom reader anyways....

    I use Flipboard app and I have a bunch of different news sites added like NPR, Arstechnica, Wired, Hacker News, "Hack a Day", Cult of Mac, CNET.
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    Good thread topic.

    I tend to use Pulse.Me through a browser. Pulse on my Android phone.

    You can select multiple sources and have them compiled under one category - Technology , News, Fashion, Sports, Games, etc.. it becomes very useful as you can scroll through, select, and read on a topic.

    Their website has become quite nice to use too. You can change the way the tiles are displayed, similar to a Windows Phone 7/8. Writing this now makes me want to change my default homepage to it. Cheers!
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    I get free issues of network world and computer world at work. Its good toilet reading :)
    I also got a free subscription at my last job. I think its free if you're in an IT dept or something, you just have to ask.
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    Great stuff, thanks for input everyone
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