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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to study for the MCSE inServer 2012, and was wondering if anyone could give me some pointersas to appropriate learning techniques to adopt.

I began studying for the 70-640 inJanuary, however I found my progress to be very slow, due to takingnotes etc (I am useless at note taking!) I watched CBT nuggets andthen read the MS Press Book (taking notes as I read through it),doing all the lessons in my virtual environment. Unfortunately I havehad a few setbacks, including surgery on my eye, which have hamperedmy progress in taking the exam. I am probably 2-3 weeks of study awayfrom being ready to take this exam.

I feel that my progress has been veryslow, and blame this on the fact that I've been taking notes oneverything I've read. When I did my MCSA:Messaging 2003, I literallywatched CBT Nuggets, read the Sybex Book, did some labs, and thenwent through Testout. I did not take any notes and passed most of myexams with scores >900

I don't have the financial resourcesfor Testout, so CBT Nuggets (or Trainsignal) and the MS Press bookare my only options really.

How do you guys learn, do you bothertaking notes, or just literally watch the videos, read the book, dothe labs etc? Where have I been going wrong in your opinions?




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    I normally go through the MS Press book for the exam really quick, not taking notes, just to get the general idea of what's going on. Then I go through the book again in detail, taking handwritten notes and doing all the practical hands-on that I can. Then type up those handwritten notes into a nice Word document and use that as my reference that I take with me everywhere and read on the bus, in the cafe, etc. Only make notes of stuff that you didn't know beforehand.
    Then if you have videos, watch them and finally some test questions if you have some.
    The problem I found recently though is that the MS-Press book for 70-410, the first exam, was useless. Doesn't cover anywhere near enough the requirements and is full of errors. I was amazed how this got published. For the coming exams I will now look at the list of exam objectives and find the appropriate sections in Technet instead of using a study book.
    I have taken 13 certification tests so far in my career and usually get good scores with this method and have not failed an exam so far. I would be interested in what techniques others might use though, especially for this current MCSA / MCSE.
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    I just passed the 70-410 today and I did three things:

    Read the book and then watched the corresponding CBT nugget videos and then read all the technet articles assembled here:

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