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I'm really excited about starting the program May 1st but the estimated time for all courses has me graduating in 2016! I work F/T, have kids' after-school activities, and am trying to carve out as much time as possible so that I can finished by December 2014! For anyone who's graduated from this program, is this doable??? I'd love to spend all day long studying but the best I can do is here or there during some down time at work and a few hours after dinner...

Any time management tips or tips about completing the coursework would be much appreciated! Someone told me not to bother telling my course mentor about my ambitious plans quite yet, and pass a few classes first!



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    It depends on where you stand. If you have certifications that transfer in and an AA or at least GE courses that can transfer in to knock out some of the GE it will be easier. From there it depends on how much you study and can take things in. I find most WGU courses aren't very difficult, unless you have a difficult time with the subject matter itself. As for the Cert courses, again that's up to your abilities and free time. I would say it's better to study half-an hour to an hour every day then waiting for once in a while and studying 8 hours straight.

    As for telling your course mentor, I would prove you were capable first. My mentor liked having me only sign up for 12 units at the start of the semester, when I blew through them I asked for more. I got 1 course added at a time. When the 2nd semester rolls around you can suggest taking on 15+ units or however much you feel comfortable and they will be more than willing to accommodate you. I don't know officially how their job works, but I imagine they look bad if you do bad. So they will want to be sure you are capable of handling extra courses first.
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    This varies greatly from person to person.

    If you have been working in the field for 5-7 years and can sit down and knock out a 7 page paper on a Saturday morning every week then you can be done in 10-12 months. For someone like this they will not have to spend much time learning, they will simply be demonstrating their knowledge by putting it on paper. This is the situation I was in for my BS and for most of my MBA. I have never participated in a learning community, study group session or conference call except where required (which is rare).

    If you are new to the field or have very little experience the program will likely take at least 5-6 terms and will involve a lot more reading and learning. If this is your situation I would advise you to participate in every study group and conference call you can. Most course mentors offer these.
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    How is your progress so far? I'm (hopefully) starting the same course Sept 1st. Looking forward to it also
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