Another one added to the books - 809/900

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{ start = "Passed with a 809/900.

Another user created a thread that mentioned their first 7-8 questions were drag and drop (simulation) questions. I, myself, got 8 simulation questions. These were some what a surprise to me considering the amount I got in the beginning, but you need to carefully read what they're asking for. Some were easier than others.

The rest were multiple choice. 70 questions total (including the simulation) - I was under the impression it was 100, just like the A+ and Network+.

I definitely felt nervous halfway through, sometimes even second guessing myself so the test felt more of a drag as I continued to the next question.

Rule of thumb is always go with your first instinct. At least that's how it is for me. I would easily select the correct answers while doing practice exams online and/or in Darill Gibson's Security+ book and then change them to only find out my first answer was correct.

My source of materials were;
- Darill Gibson's Get Certified Get Ahead Security+ (excellent read, highly recommended numerous of times)
- The above book - end of chapter and end of book practice questions
- Techexams practice exams and forums
- Professor Messer online videos (watched on my Xbox after playing some games or Netflix) (watched on laptop)

On to the next one.. most likely the Microsoft route as I've been more interested in learning about system administration. Hopefully once I get a good foundation in a live environment I can start looking into my Cisco CCNA.

Again before I end my rant Darill Gibson's book will be a good source for reference. I know I will keep it with me years to come, especially when I start hardening systems. I can easily apply many things I've learned to an environment or at least look for topics he touches on.icon_cheers.gif " end rant }


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    Nice work. Go for CCNA next. (or CCENT) It's a good logical progression.
    Good Luck!
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    Congratulations on the pass. Glad to hear the book helped.

    I'm hearing the same thing from multiple people on the number of non-multiple choice questions. While CompTIA calls them performance based they are more often drag and drop or drop-down menu type questions and people are getting is more than two or three. And, when you get more of these, you get fewer multiple choice questions.

    Good luck with your next adventure.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif

    I would recommend going for the CCNA
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    SharkDiver wrote: »
    Nice work. Go for CCNA next. (or CCENT) It's a good logical progression.
    Good Luck!

    I've had a few interviews these past two weeks. Mainly in system administration so I thought the Microsoft route would be logical.

    Last year I made a purchase on an Examcram 70-680 book, but never read it as I was doing the other certifications.

    Though the CCNA may be a better route too, only because I've noticed job postings in my area are asking CCNA as a skill over a MCSA/MCITP/MCSE in a system admin position. Additionally I planned to sign up at WGU for the BS: IT so I know having the Microsoft certifications would apply to classes, unless I went with the Network Administration route then a CCNA would apply.

    Time to start looking into real equipment this weekend. ;D

    After looking into WGU program I will probably chane to BS IT Network Design as opposed to my original BS IT.
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    Congrats on the Pass!!!

    I would take a few days and look over your options. WGU is great if your like me and don't have time to sit in a class room for a few hours a day. And your willing to self learn, which I can tell you are since you have the CompTIA certs. I will tell you from experience the IT B.S. (with no specialty) was faster for me. I was on a limited time table so it worked out better to do the "General route. I also had my MCTS done so I didn't have to devote 2 to 3 months of tuition to WGU for that Cert. If you know what you want to do, then I would look to do the Specificity route for it. I was already set in certs and my funding was time based, so the "General" route was the best for me. I was in and out in three terms, with 60+ credit hours completed. It is very do able to complete 20+ credit hours in a single term. You just have to have the drive to push and take the time to research what worked for others in each class. The Degree to me is well worth the money and time.

    Let us know how you do.
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    Congrats! You can preorder the new CCNA books off of amazon.
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    They aren't changing the CCNA test until on or after September 2013, right? Since I've been self studying for the exam as it currently is, I'd much rather take the current exam before it changes than to take more time studying newer material. I'd feel like all my study time up into this point has been a waste.
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