Cisco 2911 and routing voice and data vlans

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I need some help with configuring a Cisco 2911.

I would like to connect each of the gig ports on the 2911 to a separate Cisco 3560 switches for resiliency and to route voice and data vlans.

I have a flat network and was wondering what are the best options for connecting and routing layer 2 vlans (vlan 15 for data and vlan 16 for voice) via switches for resiliency.

Can I configure as routed ports with each gig port on same network or trunk the ports to either switch ?

Cisco 2911-->Cisco 3560 Switch-->Cisco 3925--Internet / VPN


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    Why 2 ports between the the 3560 and 2911? The reason I'm asking this is because I designed a network about a year and a half ago with this same setup and it was redundant links between all of the switches and routers in the network. The IT manager was a ex navy Nuke and thought redundancy had to be everywhere. Well after I left they made a few changes and all hell broke loose and it took me 2 days to figure out what they hell the broke.

    So now ususally if people don't have a good reason for 2 links I'm going to steer them away.

    Just make a router on the stick configuration for the Voice and data VLAN and make a trunk port between the router and switch. Keep it simple.
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    First of all, the flat-network is going to cause you nightmares in the future.

    For best practice, each vlan should be its own subnet. Also, voice and data should be separate subnets.

    The best way to implement your current design depends on what you're trying to accomplish from a routing flow (weird to see you go INET > router > switch > router...unless this router is serving another location and is a wan termination point.

    An option is to originate a default on the 3925, create a SVI's for your vlans on the switch and route them via ospf/static routing to the 2911...but again this can change dramatically depending on what you're trying to accomplish.
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