Passed Security+, today! 845/900. All hail Darril Gibson!

Macpro76Macpro76 Member Posts: 79 ■■□□□□□□□□
Since my last attempt with Security+, I have been reading Darril Gibson's book 'security plus get certified ahead'. My first attempt was a 695/900 with only 5, 8 hour classes in Security+. Read the book 3 times and guest what?! Today I passed with a 845/900. Thats a change of 150 pts. What a difference! It is the end all of study material for the Security+ exam. Darril Gibson, you are the man! icon_cheers.gif

Next up Server+ on tuesday. That will end the 4some. Then tackle Cloud Essentials, Project+, and PDI+. Then onto Microsoft Path to MCSM.
[ ] PDI+, [ ] Cloud Essentials, /B] [B Project+
[*] CompTIA: A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, Healthcare IT, Green IT
/B]*[SIZE=2 MTA: Server, OS, Network, Security
/SIZE]*[SIZE=2 Apple: ACSP v10.8, ACMT v10.8, Mac Integration v10.7 & v10.8 [/SIZE]



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