Network+ cancelled..dangit..

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Hey guys. I registered for the Network+ test March 25th, after getting back from my intial training with the Army. Since then, I studied a good bit on the old objectives, not realizing that they were going to change over in June. June came, and I had rescheduled a few times already, just because of things coming up. Once I realized they were now testing the 05' objectives, I obviously felt stupid, but realized I had to rush, because I ship out for active duty army on September 6th. Went in this morning to take it, and get it done with...and the test site (35 minutes away) said that their servers had been down since last Saturday, and that I should have received a call. Of course I hadn't..so it leaves me in a pickle. With me being gone (4-5 months for training...to be an information tech specialist in the army), I won't have much of a chance to take it.

Oh, and the testing site is not affected by Hurricane Katrina..I am in the midwest. Apparently the new server was supposed to arrive, but never did. Anyways..not much point to this post, just pretty bummed that my certification exam must be pushed further. I am doubtful I will be stateside before my voucher expires, so I'm also not too happy about being out the testing fee!

I guess on the bright side after getting out of this IT specialist training, I should not only be ready to take the Network+, but probably the A+ as well.

Anyways..I'm just rambling, not a good day! At least I ship out in a few days though..looking forward to getting some (somewhat) formal education in IT.


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