Sufficient lab for CCNP?

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I was able to grab this equipment for free and was wondering what else I should add for an ideal CCNP lab or are two of these switches too outdated? I'm going to jump right into CCNP R/S + ARCH track this year after finishing up Voice. Thanks for responses!

2 x 1841 with Serial and VWICs running - Version 12.4(3i) ---- Going to upgrade NVRAM/Flash for 15.X support most likely.
1 x 3548 XL - Version 12.0(5)WC10
1 x 2960 - Version 12.2(44r)SE1
1 x 2950 - Version Unknown




  • d6bmgd6bmg BMG FTW!! Member Posts: 241
    Yes and No.
    For small topologies it would be great, but if you want to practice using larger topologies, then you would be out of luck.
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    No definitely not enough in my opinion to really learn all of the objectives.
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    I have been going through the Cisco lab manual over the past few weeks. Definitely need four switches, no less. The 2960 should be ok though for some of the provate VLAN topics i believe?

    Go and buy some cheap 2950s and you should be right.

    I have

    2x 2950's
    1x 3560
    1x 3550
  • wintermute000wintermute000 Senior Member Banned Posts: 172
    You'll need at least 4 routers total. go 1841s they are ideal. Grab some Wic2Ts too to simulate the frame/OSPF P2P scenarios/provide multiple interfaces.
  • MatablaMatabla Junior Member Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Hello there , doing SWITCH at present so here is my lab, with ths i can do all the objective except VRRP , 3 2950, 2 3550 emi and 2 3750 ( 1 to arrive tomorrow i hope ) . Only from 3560 onwards you can do private VLAN , you may get a sim on the exam , so wanted to be fully covered and mostly indipendent ... For ROUTE yes you can use GNS3 , but still rather add 2 2800 series with ios 15 add few serial modules and fast ethernet and that should do !!!! Feedback welcomed , wish you all a nice weekend .
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    I think it's fine, just use GNS3 for those large network labs.
    I had 2x3550s and 2x2950s, only used them for the SWITCH exam. Everything else I used GNS3 and never felt like I missed anything
  • prtechprtech Senior Member Member Posts: 163
    Just add 2 3550s.

    So where is this place that gives away 1841s for free?
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