Passed Sec+ 838/900

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Passed the exam Monday.

Was not too confident in most of my answers but I prepared reading the Darill book once a year ago and once over the last week up until the test.

I didn't study the ports specifically but learned them with the concepts which helped.

The simulation questions I felt were a little detailed from my study plan, I wasn't sure TCPvsUDP for example. I didn't think in the grand sceme of things those details were worth remembering, I stuck with overall concepts and hierarchy of concepts ex. Vulnerability assessment > Vulnerability Scan > Pen Test breakdown.

Happy I passed, but I don't really think the test was setup properly.


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    CISSP next is my plan, is their a logical step in between. My job I'm stuck between a network administrator and an Information assurance analyst. Darill do you have a CISSP book?
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    Congrats! It has been said before on the forums, if you qualify for CISSP then do it. If not, SSCP. The in between would be CASP as JDMurray has stated before.
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    Congrats and good luck with CISSP!
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    Congrats on the pass. 838 is a great score and glad to hear the book helped.

    I agree with webgeek and JDMurray on the logical path. In order of difficulty, here are some common security certifications.


    The CISSP is a bear and people find it very challenging. The SSCP is a good stepping stone after the Security+ and much easier to achieve than the CISSP. While studying for the SSCP, you are simultaneously studying for some CISSP domains and when you take the SSCP exam, you also get a much better idea of what to expect on the CISSP exam. On the other hand, some people skip all the other security certifications and only pursue the CISSP.
    shanestyle wrote: »
    Darill do you have a CISSP book?
    Yes. I've coauthored one with a couple of other very talented authors. I also wrote another one designed to be a late stage review book (not a primary study source). You can search on Amazon with "Gibson CISSP".

    Good luck with your next adventure.
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