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Dear all,

I'm just starting preparing for CISSP exam. i have gone through ISC2 website and their requirements for CISSP.

I have almost 6 years of experience with the company I'm working. I started from IT assistant position but i was doing Network Security engineer job, I was responsible for company WAN and LAN security, mainly configuring and troubleshooting Cisco VPN 3000 concentrator, Cisco Intrusion Prevension System, PIX Firewalls, ASA Firewalls...

The orginazation was almost new, they did not have good structure so my line manage was CIO :).

I then got promoted as an IT officer, and then Network and Security Manager. over all about 6 years experience like this.

My question is gonna meet ISC2 5 years experience requirement for CISSP? as i will endorsing myself since i do not know anyone CISSP.

Looking forward to hear from you...

Best Regards,


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    Having a 4-year degree, or any one of several specific IT certifications (such as Security+), will allow you to need only four years of profession InfoSec work experience to qualify for full CISSP certification.

    Although you might already have a certification from the (ISC)2 and be a member in good standing, you cannot endorse yourself for (ISC)2 certification. If you do not know anyone who has an (ISC)2 cert, the (ISC)2 will vet you itself for endorsement.

    With your InfoSec management experience, I would suggest that you look into obtaining the ISACA CISM certification too.
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    Dear JDMurray, It's pleasure having your reply. Thank you very much. as English language is not my native language. Can you please be specific with your answer, that i can take this exam or i cannot?
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    You can take the CISSP exam at any time. The professional work experience is only required for endorsement after you pass the exam.
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    Just to add what JD has said, it is important to note that it is the job duties that determine your experience, not your job title, as this varies from organization to organization. For example, one Network Engineer can specialize in network security whereas another's job duties could be specializing in Voice or Wireless, but both having the same job title. I hope that is clear and will assist in determining if you have the necessary experience.
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